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Do You Need an Alabama Small Business Attorney?

At the Kimberly C. Brown law firm, we believe that small business is the economic backbone of America. We want to be your small business attorney.  We are committed to serving all of your legal needs as the operator of a small business or professional organization, beginning with advice before business formation.

Don’t let your legal questions become a legal problem.

An ongoing relationship with well-qualified legal counsel is an important asset to a healthy business structure. If you are considering involvement in a business or professional venture, need legal counsel for your current business’s daily operational questions, or are concerned about a succession plan, contact our business law attorneys. We serve communities throughout Alabama.

Business Formation and Re-organization

Critical decisions you make when you are developing your business plan may have a significant impact on profits over succeeding years. Your choice of business entity will determine the extent to which you are exposed to personal risk for business activities. We will advise you on the risks and opportunities involved in forming a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, C-corporation, S-corporation, sole proprietorship, and other business forms.

In addition to drafting articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and other necessary formation documents, our attorneys will help businesses with necessary license applications, contracts, and lease drafting and review, insurance policy review, documentation of compliance for state and federal regulatory agencies, and much more.

On-going Legal Services for Small Business Needs

In the course of daily operations, we offer business clients services that include contract negotiation and drafting, representation in dispute resolution or litigation and planning for growth.

Serving Nonprofits

In addition to serving on the boards of various religious, charitable and civic organizations, we are capable of creating and representing local and national nonprofit organizations. 

Nonprofit Clients

Our firm advises nonprofit clients regarding IRS and state law rules governing tax exempt entities and nonprofit corporate issues. Our firm also advises nonprofit clients (as well as estate planning clients and potential donors) about opportunities for charitable giving including charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, private foundations, supporting organizations, and directed giving through community foundations. Our firm’s expertise in the area of individual tax and estate planning provides a significant complement to the representation of our nonprofit clients.usiness