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When someone you know or love experiences a mental break that causes them to become a danger to themselves or others, you need an attorney that understands the involuntary commitment process. Attorney Kimberly C. Brown understands the area of mental health law. She is prepared to consult with you about the specific diagnosis, if one is known, and conduct/behaviors observed. Kim and her staff are equipped to listen and advise you of the next steps and represent you in your attempt to commit a person to the care of the State Department of Mental Health in order to get them the mental health treatment needed for them to obtain stability.

The Kimberly C. Brown Law Firm, LLC can also advise you on other legal processes including guardianship, conservatorship, or estate planning depending on your specific needs.

What is Involuntary Commitments?

Involuntary commitment is a legal procedure by which a person is placed in the custody of the State Department of Mental Health for long-term treatment. This is done only if necessary, and after every effort is made to provide treatment for the person on a voluntary basis. In order to meet the criteria for involuntary commitment, there must be clear and convincing evidence that the person is mentally ill and poses a real and present threat of substantial harm to self or others. Other required elements are that the person is unable to make a rational decision regarding the need for treatment, and that without such treatment, he or she will continue to suffer mental distress. The evidence brought forth by the petitioner must include personal knowledge of specific acts or behavior which signifies a real or present danger.