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Alabama Criminal Law Defense Attorney

Prosecutors Are Aggressive; You Need a Proactive Defense

A Huntsville criminal law attorney at Kimberly C. Brown Law Firm will prepare your case for court and will offer you an exceptionally aggressive and rigorous defense if your case goes to trial. We also are skilled at negotiating fair and reasonable plea agreements and may even be able to get the charges against you dropped. We will work hard to research the laws in your specific case and search for holes in the prosecution’s case against you. We will tenaciously defend your rights against your accusers.

Skilled Huntsville Criminal Lawyers for Defense Against all Charges in Alabama

We offer rigorous defense against your criminal charges including:

  • Drug crimes including charges related to prescription drugs, methamphetamine, and marijuana.
  • DUI including felony DUI and multiple DUI charges.
  • Property crimes such as shoplifting, armed robbery and larceny.
  • Violent crimes like assault.

Whatever criminal charges that have been brought against you in North Alabama our criminal defense attorney is skilled at defending your rights.